Your Source for Luxury Property for Rent in Sant Rafael Ibiza

Your Source for Luxury Property for Rent in Sant Rafael Ibiza
24/03/2017 IVM
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The town of Sant Rafael, Ibiza is located near the island centre just off the main road that connects the port of Ibiza with San Antonio. To outsiders, especially younger tourists, Sant Rafael is known primarily as the location of 2 of the island’s most famous clubs; Privilege and Amnesia. As you might imagine however, the locals have a slightly different view of their sleepy town, and when you choose a luxury property for rent in Sant Rafael, Ibiza you’ll be able to enjoy as many sides of this charming and ancient village as you wish. 

Luxury Property for Rent Sant Rafael Ibiza 

Luxury property in Sant Rafael comes in many guises with the best known being the many stunning villas that dot the local hillsides. When you’re looking for luxury property for rent San Rafel , Ibiza look no further than Ibiza Business Management (IBM). We know the local market like the palm of our hand and have a deep well of contacts with local landlords. When you rent a luxury property through IBM:

  • You’ll never be blindsided by the unexpected – The Internet is rife with stories of people who rented vacation properties through the Net that they thought were fabulous only to discover upon arrival that they’ve been the victims of the bait and switch. That will never happen to you when you rent through IBM.
  • We’ll address all your questions and concerns – We’re here to listen to your concerns and answer as many questions as you may have. We understand 2 things about renting from a distance: 1) that you’re taking a chance renting from someone you’ve never met and 2) that our reputation rests on your satisfaction. So please, ask away.
  • You’ll know the cost before signing – You’ll know exactly what to expect regarding costs before you agree to anything. If there are maintenance, utility fees or taxes involved we’ll let you know up front. No one wants to receive a bill laden with head-scratching costs. That won’t happen when you rent through IBM.
  • You can be sure it is both safe and secure – The luxury properties we represent are all meticulously maintained so physical safety is never an issue. Each property is also equipped with a security system so you can sleep soundly and know that your valuables are safe while you’re out enjoying the island. 

The process of finding a luxury property for rent in Sant Rafael, Ibiza can be difficult or it can be seamless and smooth. If you’d like your rental process to go smoothly from start to finish contact IBM today. Total customer satisfaction is our only goal.