When Seeking a Villa near Ibiza Town for Rent Call IBM

When Seeking a Villa near Ibiza Town for Rent Call IBM
24/03/2017 IVM
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The history of Ibiza Town dates back to the 7th century BC when Phoenicians first arrived on the island. In time they gave way to a rogue’s gallery of conquerors including Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals and Byzantines. In the 9th century the Moors arrived and held sway over the town until being supplanted by Christians in the 13th century. The medieval cathedral of Dalt Vila which dominates the town today was erected not long after and the area around the cathedral was walled in during the 16th century. Today that area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Ibiza Town is a reminder that freedom is a precious commodity. It was after all writers, musicians, poets and artists seeking freedom of expression denied them in Franco’s Spain who migrated here in the 1950s and gave birth to the town’s vibrant cultural scene. These days the old town pulses with life and villas in the surrounding hills are some of the most sought after on the island.  

Finding the Ideal Villa Near Ibiza Town for Rent 

Finding a villa near Ibiza Town for rent however is not a task you’ll want to undertake without the right estates agent on your side: one with a comprehensive knowledge of the local market. At Ibiza Business Management (IBM) we know Ibiza to its roots. We know each and every villa on the island and offer only the best to our clients. Every villa near Ibiza Town for rent that we offer: 

  • Is a True Villa – Not a terraced house being marketed as a villa. Every one of our prime villas is a spacious detached home on a private lot with copious floor space and often breathtaking views. You’ll never wind up in a “villa” above a nightclub or with neighbours who can be heard through the walls. We don’t play marketing games. We rent luxury villas.
  • Is in a Quiet Location – Whether on the coastal plains to the north and south of town or on the lush hillsides to the west each villa we offer for rent or sale is conveniently located in a quiet neighbourhood where you can take in the sun at poolside while the chef prepares your gourmet dinner. You won’t be awakened by construction noise or late night revellers.
  • Is Close but Not Too Close to the Action – One of the major draws of any villa near Ibiza Town for rent is that you’ll be close to numerous cultural attractions, 5-star restaurants and a vibrant club scene without being on top of them. A few minutes’ drive will have you back at your villa where you can pass the night in comfort and tranquillity.  

Any villa near Ibiza Town for rent is going to sound tempting but you need to be able to trust the agency offering the property lest you wind up with a holiday you’d rather forget instead of one you’ll always remember. Trust IBM to place you in the villa of your dreams. It’s what we do.

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