The Gold Standard of Ibiza Estate Agents

The Gold Standard of Ibiza Estate Agents
24/03/2017 IVM
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Ibiza is that rarest of places in the 21st century: a true island paradise just hours from the hustle and bustle of some of the world’s most important cities. As a result, discerning individuals from all corners of the globe look to Ibiza to provide one-of-a-kind holidays or as a place where they can secure a permanent refuge from the cares of an increasingly complex world. Because of the demands put on the local estates market you should never attempt to rent a luxury villa in Ibiza or secure a property here without having an agency on your side with vast knowledge of the local scene. Ibiza Business Management (IBM) is that agency. 

Why the Ibiza Estate Agents You Choose Matters 

When navigating such an historic and developed market you need Ibiza estate agents that have a comprehensive understanding of the situation on the ground. Agents with deep roots in the local community who understand that true high-quality homes, whether for rent or purchase, are not created every day and not every property is worth the asking price. Your Ibiza estate agents need to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff and provide you with a selection of properties that fit your exacting standards regarding prime location, build quality and upkeep. When your rent or purchase through IBM you can be sure: 

  • We care about your satisfaction.We understand if we put the client first the rest will take care of itself.
  • We work on your schedule and are always available to answer questions and address concerns. We’ll stick with you to ensure you find the right villa to fit your needs.
  • We make sure you understand every nuance of the rental agreement. If you are purchasing we stand by you at every step to ensure you understand what’s at stake before proceeding.
  • We will never misrepresent a property to you and will always operate in a way that protects your interests above all else.
  • We don’t offer sub-optimal properties and don’t rent the luxury villas we represent to party people who will disrupt the neighbourhood. 

At IBM we market a selection of Ibiza’s most unique and in-demand properties. Each villa is located on the island’s idyllic south side where breathtaking coves are kissed with morning fog rolling off the hillsides and gated roads ensure privacy and security. We are able to offer superior properties because we’ve patiently cultivated relationships with the island’s best, most responsible landlords who know they can count on us to deliver equally responsible renters or prospective buyers.

Contact Ibiza Business Management 

If you are planning a holiday in Ibiza and wish to rent a premium villa for the occasion contact Ibiza Business Management today. We’re the Ibiza estate agents more sophisticated travellers rely on to ensure their days in the sun are days they never forget.