Summer has officially landed

Summer has officially landed
09/07/2018 IVM
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…the sun is shining and temperatures are rising!

What to do? Decisions… decisions!

First up on our list is the ever impressing Saga at Heart Ibiza in the modern Marina Botafoch. Saga is bringing the sound of Bedouin, the Brooklyn based production & DJ partnership, that has a dedicated weekly home in Ibiza this season; every Sunday from the end of May until the end of September in the most avant-garde venue on the island.

Saga is their vision for an artistic experience that transcends music and indulges all senses with incredible light shows, magnificent production and sublime music.

Acid Sundays held at Las Dalias Hippy Market on the San Carlos Road, heading towards the North of the island is the most authentic outdoor place in Ibiza, being one of the original hangouts of the hippy influx to the island back in the 70s.

Acid Sundays Image

 Image via Acid Sundays

As with previous years, Acid Sundays will take over and transform the place with vibrant colours, performers and eclecticism. The event runs from 18hr until midnight every Sunday throughout the summer.

Acid Sundays continues to surprise tourists and locals with its amazing set up delivering the ultimate evening of expression and the most psychedelic sound on the Island, this new sound goes well beyond techno and house.  This emblematic party sets out a total connection with the island’s roots, absorbing its aesthetics, magic, sound and freedom to create an experience unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Woomoon at Cova Santa is described as a party of a journey. A hidden gem on the quiet San Jose Road, this event is described as love; an experience that goes deeper; a story that intends to stay with you forever.

WooMoon Image

Image via Woomon Ibiza

An immersive fusion of art, food, drink and tribal dance music, Woomoon has immediately struck a chord with discerning ravers seeking a spiritual alternative to big room Ibiza. Some have even likened Woomoon to Burning Man, albeit on a much smaller scale. This is a really unusual and eclectic party that is absolutely not to be missed.

On a slightly different track, is Children of the 80s which encapsulates memories, long nights and a spectacular era in music. It celebrates everything fun, vibrant and colourful from those past years.

Children of the 80’s is a popular themed event, which offers a spectacular stage, visual shows, punched out photocalls, and break dancers who perform catchy choreography while interacting with the public creating a euphoric environment which is always fun. The performances truly complement the artists and help you get right back into the 80’s magic.

Not sure all the partying is for you? Looking for something a little calmer?

In which case, we simply cannot recommend Ibiza’s very own outdoor cinema ‘Cinema Paradiso’ enough! Striving to create the perfect setting to experience film on your own, with friends or with family, Cinema Paradiso is a welcome change from the typical Ibiza party scene.

Here you will be able to sit back in the comfort on one of their signature bean bags and enjoy great food and cold drinks, whilst experiencing an exclusive screening of some of the biggest films in recent years or an all-time Hollywood classic, under the clear and starry Ibiza sky. Events are being held throughout the summer at Amante Beach Club, Nobu Hotel ‘Ibiza Bay’ or the historical Dalt Vila to name a few.

For tickets for any of these events, or transport to and from any venue on the island, get in touch. We can make all the arrangements for you, so you can relax and enjoy your vacation, stress free.