Love & Money Event

Love & Money Event
15/10/2018 IVM
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The art of balancing “success” in both private & business relationships.
Ibiza Retreat 25 – 28 October 2018

You are invited to the magical island of Ibiza, in a beautiful villa, surrounded by nature, where you will experience love, joy, intimacy, true connection and a sense of true luxury what only love and money together can bring.

“Only when both Love & Money flow in harmony with each other can you achieve real happiness, love and a true partnership in your life. “

Learning to master your Mind, Body and Heart

Love is the most beautiful emotion one can experience in life, but often in the modern world love is faced with problems when financial concerns arise. Fundamentally this is because most people believe that Love and Money are different, when in reality both Love and Money are entwined energies. Few people have learned to master the flow of Love & Money in harmony, but this special program is designed for you to clearly begin to see the connection between Love and Money in your life.

During the retreat, you will see the conditioning and false perceptions you have inherited from childhood through society and your culture, and you will learn how to “unlearn” these beliefs through personalized coaching and private interviews. You will unleash layers of self- sabotage and false programming, and you will reprogram your future in the way you want.
You will see the most important decision in your life is to choose the right partner. One partner can bring
you to prosperity and another to misery. Only once you master the love and money relationship will you be able to create the ‘Higher Love’.